Verification Code - I Did Not Receive It by Text or Email?

After signing in to your TaxAct account or performing other tasks which require verification, a verification code will be sent to your email or as a text message to your mobile device, according to your preferences. If you are unable to locate the code (which may take a minute or more to arrive), first check the following:

  • Verification code sent to email:
    • Verify that the email account you are checking is the email associated with your TaxAct account. Check any other email accounts to verify the code was not sent to one of them.
    • Check each folder, including junk, spam, and promotions.
    • Check any conversation threads with TaxAct where the email might have been sent.
  • Verification code sent to mobile device:
    • Check unopened texts, your notifications, and any texts from TaxAct.
    • Verify that you have cell phone reception.
    • Verify that your phone is not in airplane mode.
    • Verify that your text message inbox is not full (if you have a limit).
    • Verify that your phone is not set to block messages from unknown senders.
    • Verify that your phone carrier does not block messages used for account verification.
    • Try rebooting your phone.
    • Note. If you did not enter your area code when you created your TaxAct account, the code might not make it to you.

If you are still unable to locate your verification code:

  • Get another verification code:
    • Return to the screen titled Check your email or Check your phone, where you were asked to enter the code.
    • Click Resend Code to have another one sent to you.
  • Account recovery: If you no longer have access to the email or phone number that you used to create your account, go to our Forgot Online Username or Password FAQ and follow the steps for Alternative Verification to recover your account.
  • Contact us: If you are still unable to sign in to your TaxAct Account, go to our Contact TaxAct Service & Support webpage, and get individual help.

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