Account Locked or Invalid Attempts After Updating Password

If you enter an incorrect combination of username and password a certain number of times, you will be prompted to reset your password to gain access to your account. This is part of our ongoing effort to keep your tax information secure.

If you have successfully updated the password, but are still having difficulty getting signed in there are a few things to check.

  • Caps lock or Num Lock is on/off appropriately.
  • Auto-fill or auto-complete settings.
  • Password management software settings.
  • Security software interference.

A few things to try:

  • If the password is being automatically filled, type the password manually.
  • Try a different browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.).
  • Try signing in from a different device.
  • Click the Show Password icon to the right of the password field.
  • Confirm that your password contains at least:
    • 8 characters,
    • one upper case letter
    • one lower case letter
    • one number
    • one special character (e.g. !@#$%^&*).
  • After creating a new password, write it down in a safe place for reference.
  • Type your password into a text editor such as Notepad and copy and paste from there.

Professional and Enterprise Edition users (or anyone using Internet Explorer):

Windows may be saving an old or incorrect password. Try the following:

  1. Type "internet options" in the Windows search bar (usually lower left corner).
  2. Click to open the Internet Options item on the results list.
  3. On the Internet Properties box that opens, the General tab, in the "Browsing history" area, click Delete.
  4. On the Delete Browsing History box that opens, check the boxes for Form Data and Passwords. It's good to keep checked Temporary Internet files, Cookies and website data, and History, too, if they are checked.
  5. Click the Delete button at the bottom. It may take some time. You should see a progress bar.
  6. When you return to the Internet Options box, you can click OK to close it.

Still having trouble? Try the password reset process again.

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