Auto-Enroll to Lock in Lowest Discount Percentage

We recommend auto-enrolling your account now to get a head start on next tax season. When you Auto-Enroll, you lock in a discount percentage for next year. No emails to reply to, no coupon codes, no worries, and no commitment.

Our product prices can fluctuate as features are added or removed, or as promotions come and go. So, while we can't guarantee you will pay the same price next year, we can promise you the discount percentage you lock in when you auto-enroll. When the next tax season approaches, we'll send an email with specific pricing details.

How will I know when I have auto-enrolled?

Below is what you will see once you have successfully auto-enrolled:

Election Updated

Your Auto Enrollment election has been updated. Any applicable discounts will be applied at the time of filing.

The slider will also flip to yes and be green.

How much will I have to pay?

Auto-enrolling will lock in the lowest discount percentage. We’ll send you an email towards the end of the year with the exact discount you are receiving.

How do I auto-enroll a different program? (For example, I won’t have any self-employment income next year, but I did need Self Employed this year.)

Add the return you are likely to need next year to your account and then choose to auto-enroll it.

What if I end up not wanting to use TaxAct next year?

As always, you are not charged anything until you are ready to print or e-file. 

How much of a discount will I receive?

It is typically 30% off the regular price of the federal return at the time (does not apply to state returns).

Why don’t I see the new return in my account?

You will see the return in your account once the early release edition is available; usually in December.

How do I Auto-Enroll?

Auto-Enroll is available in mid-late January. To Auto-Enroll:

Click Yes under the Auto-Enrolled heading.

To Auto-Enroll later:

  1. Sign in
  2. In the My Account Summary section, click View All Returns.
  3. On the My Taxes page, you will find the Auto Enroll selector in the current year returns section.
  4. Click the slider to change your selection.