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Note. Form 1099-B Proceeds From Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions contains a checkbox called "Ordinary" in Box 2. If your 1099-B does not have this box or this box is not checked, you can ignore this topic.

Per IRS Form 1099-B instructions, on page 7:

Box 2. The short-term and long-term boxes pertain to short-term gain or loss and long-term gain or loss. If the “Ordinary” box is checked, your security may be subject to special rules. For example, gain on a contingent payment debt instrument subject to the noncontingent bond method is generally treated as ordinary interest income rather than as capital gain. See the Instructions for Form 8949, Pub. 550, or Pub. 1212 for more details on whether there are any special rules or adjustments that might apply to your security. If box 5 is checked, box 2 may be blank.

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