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Keyboard shortcuts available in the TaxAct program:

Action Command
Add Client Return Ctrl + N
Add Line Item Details Ctrl + D
Back Ctrl + Left Arrow
Basic Information Ctrl + T
Client Manager Ctrl + B
Cut Ctrl + X
Document Manager Ctrl + Alt + D
Double-Check (Alerts) Ctrl + A
Electronic Filing Ctrl + Alt + E
Electronic Filing Manager Ctrl + Q
Federal Q&A Ctrl + I
Form Instructions F2
Forms Explorer Ctrl + F
Forward Ctrl + Right Arrow
Next Year Ctrl + R
Open Calculator Ctrl + J
Open Client Return Ctrl + O
Open Supporting Form Ctrl + M
Paste Ctrl + V
Prep Features Ctrl + l
Print Form Ctrl + P
Print Paper Return Ctrl + Alt + F
Program Help F1
Review Ctrl + W
Save Return Ctrl + S
Summary Ctrl + U

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