Transfer TaxAct to a New Computer - Desktop

To transfer your TaxAct Desktop Consumer program from one computer to another computer:

  1. On your new computer, go to Downloading and Installing TaxAct to download and install the TaxAct program on your new computer.
    • You cannot copy the program from one computer to another because there are file associations and settings that are created when you download and install.
    • You need to download and install the TaxAct program from your TaxAct account online.
    • Use the default installation location for your TaxAct program.
  2. On your old computer, in the taskbar at the bottom of your computer screen, click in the field that says Type here to search. Type "file explorer", and click Open.
  3. Locate your return file folder.
  4. In your return file folder, with your keyboard, press Ctrl + A, then Ctrl + C. On an external drive, like a flash drive, DVD/CD, or network connection, press Ctrl + V to copy the files to your external drive.  Remove your external drive, then connect the external drive to your new computer.
  5. On your new computer, find the files on the external drive, press Ctrl + A, then Ctrl + C. Locate your return file folder, then press Ctrl + V to paste the files to your new computer.


  • For assistance with copying or pasting files or folders in the Windows File Explorer, please refer to Microsoft Support.
  • If you have difficulty opening a file once it's on the new computer, go to our Consumer Desktop - Unable to Open FAQ.
  • These instructions apply only to our Desktop Consumer products. If you use TaxAct Online, your files are stored on our secure servers and can be accessed by any supported device.