W-2 Import Process

To import W-2 information:

Note. TaxAct Desktop users: Please first ensure you are in the Q&A Interview Mode (click the Q&A button, if applicable).

  1. Open the return.  For TaxAct desktop users, click the Q&A button to access TaxAct Q&A view, if applicable.
  2. Click Federal, then click Income (Desktop users will find the Income link below the Basic Info tab).
  3. Click Review next to "Wages, salaries, and tips" in the Federal Quick Q&A Topics
  4. Click New Copy of Form W-2 (Desktop users click Add).
  5. Enter the EIN from the W-2.
    • If the EIN is supported for W-2 import, enter the additional required information and click the Import W-2 button. Upon successful import, a confirmation screen will appear with the imported data for your review. You may also click Choose Different Method to skip the import process.
    • If the EIN is not supported for W-2 import, you will not be prompted to import. Instead, select Quick Entry or Step-by-Step Guidance to manually enter the W-2 information.