Professional Editions - Preparer Invitation Process

To share software downloads, unlimited or prepaid e-filing, reporting, or services, the Practice Owner has to send an email invitation to another preparer for them to join. The email will include a link for the preparer to create an account or sign into their account, and enter the information provided in the email.

To invite a preparer:

  1. From within your TaxAct Professional Edition program, click Preparer in the upper menu bar, hover your mouse over Master Information, then click Preparers.
  2. Look at the Invite Status column:
    • Assigned means you sent the invitation and the preparer joined the practice (you don't need to invite them).
    • Email Sent means you've invited the preparer and are waiting for that person to join (you already invited them, they need to follow the email invite instructions).
    • Not Invited means you haven't sent the invitation (follow steps 3 through 5 to send the invitation).
  3. Click the Pencil icon next to the preparer name, then click Invite.
  4. Click Send Email Invitation.
  5. Fill out the information, then click Send Invite.

Once the invited preparer receives the invitation email:

  1. From within the TaxAct Professional Account Invitation email, click Create a TaxAct account if you don't have one, or click sign in here if you already have a TaxAct account so that you can link it to the Practice Owner.
  2. Enter the following information in your TaxAct account:
    • Practice ID - provided separately by the Practice Owner
    • Your Name
    • Email address - the email address at which you received the invitation
    • Your EFIN and PTIN (or SSN, if not using PTIN) if available.