ProtectionPlus FAQs

What does Protection Plus include?

  • A comprehensive response and resolution strategy
  • Contact with the IRS or State on your behalf
  • Preparation of letters and correspondence on your behalf 
  • Assistance with denied credits and tax debt relief
  • Assistance services provided for three years
  • Assistance with tax fraud

Does Protection Plus review my tax return before they accept my enrollment?

No. All individual returns are eligible for enrollment.

Will Protection Plus cover my previous tax returns?

Protection Plus has to be purchased separately for each tax return.

Does Protection Plus assist with state audits?

Yes. Protection Plus provides assistance for both Federal and State returns.

Who will assist with an audit?

Protection Plus has full time properly credentialed professionals on staff, including Enrolled Agents and Certified Public Accountants.

How does the process work?

It’s easy – just call Protection Plus to start a case. You will need to provide copies of the original tax return and any correspondence from the IRS or State. All cases are assigned to a tax audit specialist.

Does Tax Protection Plus offer bilingual assistance?

Yes. Protection Plus has bilingual support and case representatives available.

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