ProtectionPlus Audit Defense

TaxAct partners with ProtectionPlus to offer full-service audit assistance for when your tax return is audited or questioned. This can happen even when you’ve done nothing wrong.

ProtectionPlus covers your tax return for three full years and provides assistance with both Federal and State audits. If you receive an audit notice or inquiry from the IRS or State, ProtectionPlus will guide you through the process and handle correspondence on your behalf. ProtectionPlus also offers assistance with denied credit, tax fraud incidents, and tax debt.

You will have the opportunity to enroll in ProtectionPlus when you file your return. Once enrolled you can request assistance by calling the toll free number 866-942-8348 or by visiting us at the ProtectionPlus voucher registration site. For additional information, see ProtectionPlus FAQs.

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