Enterprise Editions: How to Set Up or Edit Your Practice, Preparer, and Master Information

To set up or edit your practice, preparer, or master information:

  1. Click Preparer, then click Master Information from the drop-down.
  2. Enter your practice information, then click Continue to Preparer Information.
  3. Edit, add, or remove preparers as needed, then click Continue to Master Info.
  4. Click Set Up Master Information Now to select preferences for returns, invoicing, letters, etc. You are able to set your preferences once, instead of having to set preferences for each individual client return. Update master information as needed.
  5. Click Continue to Master Forms.
  6. You'll see a tile for each Federal Edition (1040, 1041, 1065, etc.) installed. For each edition, you can set up different master forms, such as:
    • Federal Master Charge By Form to set an amount to charge for each form (Federal and State).
    • Master Billing Invoice to set up one fee for entire Federal or State returns.
    • Instruction Letter to set your preferences for returns and letters.