Multiple Returns - Accessing the Wrong One

If you made entries to your return previously that are not showing up now, you may be working out of multiple returns. To determine which specific return is the one you wish to access, you may need to open each of the returns listed in the account and verify which return has the correct data.

To open the returns:

  1. Sign in to your TaxAct account.
  2. Click the My Taxes tile to access all of the tax returns in the account, sorted by tax year.
  3. Use the Status column (whether the return was printed or e-filed) to narrow your search.
  4. You can also click the Open Return link under Actions on the right to confirm the information entered in each return.

If there are more than two returns in the account, the most recently-opened return will be at the top of the list; therefore, you have to keep track of which ones you have opened to ensure an incorrect return is not continuously being opened.

To avoid confusion, change the title of the return to something descriptive that will help you remember which is the correct, current return. To change the name, select "Edit Return Description" from the Actions drop-down on the right, enter the unique description, then click Update. You can delete any unfiled or unused returns by selecting "Remove Return" from the Actions drop-down.

Note. Once you go through the filing steps, the return becomes a matter of filing record and cannot be deleted.