TaxAct Home and Business Bundles

Many home businesses can report their business income on a personal 1040 individual income tax return, as long as the business is registered as a sole proprietorship.

For those businesses that are registered as a Partnership, S-Corporation, or C-Corporation, TaxAct offers consumer business programs to support the filing of those returns. We offer the TaxAct Consumer business programs (1065, 1120, and 1120-S) in two different formats: TaxAct Online (Over the Web) and TaxAct Desktop (Download).

TaxAct Online (Over the Web)

Our Over-the-Web version uses an interview process for return preparation. When answering the questions as they pertain to your business, the program automatically enters the information on the appropriate forms. If you need to prepare taxes for more than one business, you may do so within your existing account by adding a new return for each business. The fee would be charged per return/business.

TaxAct Download/Desktop

You may prepare and file one business return using the Desktop version of our business program. You are not able to purchase additional copies of the business program if you need to file taxes for more than one business as it would need to be done on a completely separate computer. Any additional business returns would need to be filed using an online return. The Desktop version allows users to enter information directly into the tax forms, use the interview process, and to switch back and forth to prepare the return.

We offer two ways to receive the federal business programs: as a standalone product or in a bundle with our popular 1040 software.

The TaxAct Home & Business Bundle includes one of the following federal and state business programs


  • Form 1065 - Federal Partnership Return
  • Form 1120-S - Federal S-Corporation Return
  • Form 1120 - Federal C-Corporation Return

and one of the following personal programs:

  • TaxAct Self Employed - One Federal 1040 Program
  • TaxAct 1040 State - One State 1040 Program

It also includes one free federal business e-file, one free state business e-file, and five free federal 1040 e-files. TaxAct 1040 state e-file is $10.00 per return.

For more information about our separate business products, go to our Business Taxes webpage.  For more information about our home and business bundles, go to our Home and Business Bundles webpage.  If you need help, go to our Contact TaxAct Service and Support webpage.
Note: The Home and Business Bundle is only available as a Download, not over the web.

Phone support is included with any business program purchase.