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11/05/2019 – Version .91 of TaxAct 2019 Professional Federal Editions

This update includes the following enhancements:

  • Notification Center improvements
  • A search bar was added so you can search notification categories, titles, and conetent for keyword or phrases
  • If you have unread notifications, you will see a "Mark as Read" button in the top left corner. Clicking the button marks all unread notifications as read (this feature is not available in offline mode)
  • Minor bug fixes

10/30/2019 – Version .90 of TaxAct 2019 Professional Federal Editions

The initial release of the 2019 Federal Editions includes the following enhancements:

  • Simplified Installation
    • Now you can install all products at once, greatly increasing efficiency.
    • Select each product to install in one place
    • Get instant notification of products not yet released
  • Create a Copy - Copy a return in client manager to make forecasting and amending returns simpler
  • Appointment Manager - If you store your files online, you can now utilize the built-in appointment manager feature.
  • Depreciation Data Entry: - We've made it easier for you to enter and edit depreciation data.

Be sure to check the Notification Center in your 2019 Professional Edition for more information on the initial release!

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