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Below are a few of the enhancements and new features in the Preview Versions of TaxAct 2016 Professional Editions that release late October 2016. We're excited about these, but we're even more excited that this is the first of many improvements for tax year 2016.

TaxAct has adopted an agile software development process that allows us to constantly improve our software products through the end of tax season to help maximize your efficiency and productivity. This means we'll be able to release new features, improvements and fixes to you more quickly. You'll have one-click access in the software to an up-to-date list of those improvements so you know what's new and what's changed at any time.

  • Returning! "Forms & Topics" link – You spoke and we listened! This link will be back in the Q&A interview so you can easily navigate to specific forms and topics.
  • Enhanced! Client Organizers – In addition to redesigned and improved content, you'll be able to select organizers for each client in the Print Center.
  • New! 1041 New Mexico and Texas State Editions – Releasing in January but available for pre-order now.
  • Enhanced! Master Information – We've made it easier for you to enter and edit your Master Information so that it's complete and correct.

Watch for more information – we’ll update this page with additional features as they become available.

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