State Payment Options

TaxAct will only prompt for the payment of our products and services; therefore you are billed during the printing or e-filing steps for the TaxAct program only. We do not collect payment for taxes due.

For the payment of taxes due to your state, TaxAct will provide you the options available (see below) for your particular state, or alert you within your filing instructions how your payment of taxes owed needs to be made. It is very important that you view and print your filing instructions as prompted, and that you also check on the status of your return.

  1. Direct Withdrawal - If your state allows, you may enter bank routing information to send to your state for the direct withdrawal of your tax due. The information sent to the state appears on the return and this transaction is handled between your state and your bank directly. There is not an additional fee for this service. Please note that not all states allow for direct withdrawal.
  2. Mail a Check - You may also have the option to mail in a paper check. The payment voucher will need to be printed from within your TaxAct return and you will need to mail this as well as the paper check to the appropriate address. The address will be provided on the filing instructions that you are prompted to print. You can also find this by checking your e-filing status.
  3. Credit/Debit Card - If your state supports it, you can go to the third party website called Official Payments where your payment of tax due is handled outside of TaxAct by credit card. Should you choose this option, you must complete the payment process yourself. TaxAct does not provide your credit card information to the third party. A convenience fee will apply and is charged directly by Official Payments Corporation.

You may review your filing instructions to determine which method you chose within the program. Any follow-up instructions will be provided for you to review as well.

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