Professional Editions - Self-Employed Indicated in Master Information

If you are self-employed, you need to indicate that in the returns you file professionally.  You can't go to the Paid Preparer's Use Only section of the forms to indicate your self-employment in the TaxAct program.  You need to indicate your self-employment in Master Information, and then it will show up on the forms automatically.

To check the self-employment box:

  1. From within your TaxAct Professional Edition program, click Preparer in the upper menu bar, hover your mouse over Master Information, and click Practice.
  2. Click the Checkbox next to Check if self-employed (if it is not already checked).
  3. Click Preparers, then click the Pencil Icon next to your name.
  4. In the Address section, click the Checkbox next to Use Practice Information (if it is not already checked), then click Save and Close, and click X to close the Master Information window.
  5. Double-click one of your clients to open their return, open the main form, and in the Paid Preparer's Use Only section toward the bottom, the checkbox next to Check if self-employed will have a checkmark.