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In June 2016, the IRS removed the Electronic Filing PIN (EF PIN) tool from its website and will no longer issue EF PINs either online or by phone.

Because of this change, the options you have for verifying your signature when e-filing with TaxAct have changed. To verify your signature, you can:

  1. Enter a 2015 Electronic PIN obtained prior to June 2016;
  2. Enter the five-digit Self-Select PIN you used when you e-filed your 2014 tax return (you must know this PIN — there is no way to request it if you didn’t keep a record of it); or
  3. Enter the adjusted gross income (AGI) amount recorded on your 2014 tax return. If you didn't keep a copy for your records, you can access your return by using any of these methods:

If you didn’t retain a copy of your 2014 return and do not wish to obtain a copy, you may choose to paper-file your 2015 return.

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