Business S Corp Form 1120-S - Salaries and Wages Employee

Wages and salaries paid should be entered on Form 1120S, Line 8, Salaries and Wages. Payroll and state taxes paid should be entered on Form 1120S, Line 12, Taxes and licenses. Follow the steps below to enter this information in your tax return.

  1. From your TaxAct 1120S return (Online or Desktop), click Federal
  2. Click Deductions 
  3. Click Review next to Salaries and Wages
  4. Enter the total salaries and wages you paid to your employees and then click Continue
  5. Click Review next to Taxes and licenses
  6. Click Review to review a previously created state taxes worksheet or click +Add State Taxes and Licenses to create a new state taxes worksheet or click Review to review a copy already created
  7. Enter any applicable state tax information and then click Continue
  8. Click Continue twice, then enter any applicable payroll taxes