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A red alert appears when one of the Partners is a grantor trust and has a Partner type of DISREGARDED ENTITY. The DISREGARDED ENTITY has a Social Security Number(SSN), but not an Employer Identification Number (EIN). For Partner types that are Disregarded Entities, the program requires an EIN.

Error or Omission: Inconsistent ID Number(s)
The identification number for this partner is not consistent with the partner type. Enter the appropriate identifying number for this partner. Enter a social security number or individual taxpayer identification number for an individual partner. Enter the federal employer identification for all other types of partners.

If the grantor trust is a disregarded entity, you would need to select "INDIVIDUAL" as the partner type and enter the Social Security Number associated with that partner.

Typically, the partner type for a grantor trust is a "TRUST or INDIVIDUAL." In these cases, they would have either an SSN or an EIN.

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