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For tax year 2015, TaxAct partnered with industry leader InfoArmor to offer identity protection services for your clients.

Please note this product will not be offered in tax year 2016.

PrivacyArmor Select protects against tax, identity, cyber and credit fraud by detecting and intercepting suspicious activity that could result in misuse of your client’s personal information. If fraud does occur, InfoArmor’s Privacy Advocates remediation experts will guide the victim through the identity restoration process.

PrivacyArmor Select is just $39.99 for an individual per year or $54.99 for a family (individual + 4) per year, and can be purchased during the e-filing steps in TaxAct 2015 Preparer’s Editions. You will receive $10 for each activated client.

Learn more about the benefits of PrivacyArmor Select here.

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