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For tax year 2015, TaxAct has partnered with InfoArmor to offer an identity restoration feature to the Basic, Plus, and Premium programs at no additional charge. 

With InfoArmor, you have access to Privacy Advocates 24-7 who manage identity restoration from start to finish. Privacy Advocates can help to confirm fraudulent activity and will help you work with government agencies (such as the IRS), and creditors to get accounts closed and otherwise protect your information.

You can utilize the help of an Advocate even if the the identity fraud occurred prior to being enrolled in the service. InfoArmor will also keep you up to date on current breaches, tips on reducing identity theft, and advice for preventing identity fraud. 

Once you pay your product fees and e-file, you will receive an email from TaxAct with your InfoArmor certificate number. That email will also include a special 1-800 number specifically for TaxAct customers.   

The free InfoArmor Identity Restoration feature is just one more way TaxAct users can feel secure while enjoying the best deal in tax. 

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