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The next time you sign in with the Customer ID / Password combination the TaxAct website will prompt you to update the account. This update is to make the sign in process more convenient and secure; therefore, you will be prompted to create a Username which will replace the Customer ID.  The information below should assist you in this process.

Step 1
Enter the Customer ID and Password at the Sign In screen.

Step 2

Once you sign in you will be brought to the Update Your TaxAct Account page. You will be provided information on the reasoning behind the updates and prompted to provide the new account information.

Step 3

You will be prompted to provide two additional security questions as well as the answers. These are used in the case you need to retrieve account information at a later time. These questions are also used as part of the verification of the account.

Step 4

Once you have updated the account successfully, you will be able to access the orders and downloads by clicking on the Orders and Downloads tile.

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