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Each preparer entered in your program must have a separate PTIN. The default preparer entry should be the practice owner. The practice owner must invite other preparers. If you have the person you're trying to invite actually set as the practice owner, this will produce a duplicate error. The invitation will look for a match of preparer name, PTIN, and SSN.

To determine which name is actually set as the practice owner in your program, start a new return:

  1. Select File > Add Client Return.
  2. Check Add New 2020 Client, then click OK.
  3. Scroll down to the Return Information section and look at the preparer showing in the Preparer drop-down. This is the preparer set as default or practice owner in your program.

To change the preparer entry for the practice owner and another preparer:

  1. Click Preparer > Master Information > Preparers, then click the pencil icon to edit each entry.
  2. To avoid duplication prompts, add something to the incorrect default preparer entry, such as a different middle initial, and remove the PTIN.
  3. Go to the other preparer entry where the practice owner is incorrectly entered and replace the info with the first preparer.
  4. Go back to the default preparer entry and replace that information with the true practice owner's information.

When the correct preparer is assigned as the practice owner, and as long as preparer name, PTIN and SSN are unique (not duplicated), you will be able to invite the other preparer.

When the other preparer clicks the link in the invitation, they can then use or create their own TaxAct account which will be associated with the practice. This will allow association of e-file records through the main practice ID.

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