VPS Pre Authorizations

When you choose the option to pay your federal tax liability with a credit or debit card, a pre-authorization is placed on your card by Value Payment Systems (VPS), much like a hotel or gas station pre-authorization. Typically, the pre-authorization will appear on your statement as a "pending" charge.

Pending charges will only be paid if the return is submitted and accepted. When you choose to pay by credit card, but your return is not submitted or not accepted, you should enter your card number again at the "VPS Pay Now" prompt if you still wish to pay by credit card.

Pre-authorizations will legitimately show up on your account in the following situations:

  • You repeat the filing steps to re-submit, but the card number or payment amount differ from your first entry.
  • You make multiple attempts to submit a credit card payment. You may see more than one pre-authorization on your card. If your payment is settled (paid), only one will actually be deducted from your account. If your payment is not completed, the "pending" charges will all drop from your card within one to two days.
  • You complete some of the e-file steps but never actually submit a return. The pending pre-authorization charge will drop off in eight to ten days if you do not submit the return.
  • You resubmit your return and choose a different payment method (VPS Pay Later, Direct Withdrawal, Pay by Check, etc.). Your pre-authorized payment amount will drop and not be deducted from your account.

To verify the tax payment method you chose, sign in to your TaxAct Account and print the Federal e-filing instructions.

If the payment method does not state that you ultimately paid by credit card, any pre-authorizations will not be "settled" (paid), and the pending charge will drop from your card. Note. In this case, you will need to make other arrangements to make your tax payment.