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The TaxAct Professional programs are designed to allow Federal return information to flow to the state return(s). Although you can e-file a state return without e-filing the federal return, you must first complete Federal Q&A. The State Q&A interview section will prompt you for additional information specific to the state return. In order to then e-file the state return, you will need to indicate that you are paper-filing the federal return, though you will not actually mail it. 

To file only the state return:

  1. Click Filing, then click Print Return.
  2. Click Continue, then click Federal Only.
  3. On the screen titled Paper Filing - Printing Your Return, click Print Return.
  4. Click Cancel.
  5. Click Filing again, then click E-File My Return. You should now see the option to check the box next to the state return you wish to submit.

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