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If you see only one preparer or one preparer's e-filed returns listed in Pro Reports, this may be due to one of the following:

  • You are not logged into the program or website as the practice owner. Only the preparer assigned as the practice owner will have the ability to view information for all e-filed returns for all preparers.
  • Only one preparer is assigned to a TaxAct account. Each preparer in your practice must have their own TaxAct account associated with your practice in order for the returns to be listed in Pro Reports. If there are preparers in your practice that do not yet have a TaxAct account that is associated with your practice, you may invite them using the invitation process in the Practice Administration page of your account on the TaxAct website if you are using local storage, or from the Preparer Master Information section in the program if you are using the Enterprise online option (using TaxAct servers as "cloud").
  • Only one preparer has e-filed returns. Only preparers that have filed returns will be displayed in Pro Reports.

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