Verification Code - I Need One or I No Longer Have Access to Email Account

If you’re expecting a verification code by email, then check all junk, spam, or other folders (check other email account inboxes as well) and expand any conversation threads to check for newly-received messages.

If you still don't receive a code via email, then go to your Check Your Email window, and click either Resend Code (to send a new code via email) or Try a text message verification (to send a code to the mobile phone associated with your account). Note. Either choice will generate a new code, so all previous codes will no longer be valid. Always be sure you're entering the most recent code sent. It can take a few minutes for the code to arrive.

If you no longer have access to the email or mobile phone entered in your TaxAct Account, then click Recover your account in the Check your Email window (if you have entered a username) and enter personal info when prompted.

If you still can't get the code, please Contact TaxAct Service & Support so we can assist.

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