Professional Editions - Request an Invitation to Join a Tax Practice

In order to e-file for the 2019 tax season, all professional preparers will need to have a TaxAct Account with a valid Practice ID, Verified EFIN, and PTIN (or SSN if not using a PTIN).

Each preparer will need to obtain a Practice ID by requesting/receiving an invitation from the Practice Owner (who purchased the TaxAct software, service, or unlimited or pre-paid e-filing). At this time, there is not a way to request an invitation through the TaxAct software or through your TaxAct account. Use your preferred communication channel to request the invitation from the Practice Owner.

The Practice Owner will initiate an invitation in the TaxAct software, and you will receive an email with instructions for joining the practice. 

Once the invitation is accepted, you will be linked to that Practice ID and should add that number to your Preparer Master Information in the TaxAct application.

Joining a Practice will allow you to:

  • Share the Practice’s clients and master information (if your Practice Owner choose online networking)
  • Share software download files purchased by the Practice
  • Access Professional Reporting
  • Access Client Xchange (if purchased by your Practice Owner)