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In order to e-file for the 2017 tax season, all professional preparers will need to have a TaxAct Account with a valid Practice ID, Verified EFIN, and PTIN (or SSN if not using a PTIN).

In order to be associated with a Practice ID, you will need to request an invitation from your Practice Owner (who purchased the TaxAct software, service, or unlimited or pre-paid e-filing). The Practice Owner can invite a Preparer to join their practice by:

  1. Signing in to My Account and clicking “Preparer Invitation” under the Practice Administration tile.
  2. Or, if using online networking, through the TaxAct software application when adding a new Preparer.

Once the invitation is accepted, you will be joined to that Practice ID and should add that number to your Preparer Master Information in the TaxAct application.

Joining a Practice will allow you to:

  • Share the Practice’s clients and master information (if your Practice Owner choose online networking)
  • Share software download files purchased by the Practice
  • Access Professional Reporting
  • Access Client Xchange (if purchased by your Practice Owner)

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