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We've made changes to our e-filing steps for tax year 2015 to provide improved security, greater efficiently, Professional Reports, and easier management of unlimited or prepaid e-filing. In order to do this, we're requiring all Preparers to have a TaxAct Account with a valid Practice ID, Verified EFIN, and PTIN (or SSN if not using a PTIN).

When attempting to e-file a client's return, the Preparer E-file Wizard will automatically check to ensure your account is set up and prompt you if any required information is missing. You may be asked to sign into your TaxAct Account in order to sync the e-filing credentials from your software to your Account. If at any time you change your Preparer Name, Practice ID, EFIN, or PTIN/SSN, the E-File Wizard will prompt you to confirm your changes when you e-file (you may be required to sign in again). 

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