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As an industry leader, TaxAct has partnered with the IRS, state tax administrators and other tax software providers to help prevent tax and identity fraud. As a result, TaxAct and other tax software providers are implementing many security measures, which may include:

  • More stringent sign in requirements such as new password standards
  • New security questions
  • Email address verification
  • Locked accounts after too many unsuccessful sign in attempts
  • IP and trusted device verification
  • Check for multiple accounts using same SSN

We will implement additional measures throughout the year as needed in order to protect your information.

What this means for you

You may be asked to verify your identity in different ways each time you sign in to your secure TaxAct Account. For instance, you may be required to create a new password or answer one of your security questions. You may also be asked to enter a "verification code" that's emailed or texted to you.

Please know we have tried to minimize any inconvenience to you, as we remain committed to making your tax filing experience as easy and fast as possible.

Thank you for helping TaxAct to protect your information.

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