Master Information Open Prompt - Enterprise Network

If you receive this prompt while using your TaxAct Enterprise Edition:

"Warning: Master Information is currently opened by: [computer\username]. It is not recommended that multiple users access Master Information at the same time. Do you wish to proceed?"

An error has not necessarily occurred. The program is warning you that more than one user has access to the shared master information at one time. You may want to check with the other user(s) (the computer and Windows account username identified in the prompt) to make sure that you are not attempting to modify the same information in conflicting ways. The prompt should then allow you to proceed.

If, however, the prompt will not go away, or keeps popping up, there may be another problem caused by the way your network is set up. You may have to close TaxAct on all computers using the Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) to end processes.

Network setups that can contribute to this problem:

  • If you have networked TaxAct on a host computer, mapping that computer's drive to itself as another drive designation.
  • If you have shared a folder on a higher level than Client Data\[Practice ID] or the whole C: drive of the host computer.
  • If you are sharing the program EXE file, in a server/client type setup.

Make sure you have installed the TaxAct program on each computer you are using and that you are only sharing the Client Data\[Practice ID] folder. If you are using a dedicated server, use only the Client Data\[Practice ID] folder to share with the computers. Do not share the program .exe -- do not run it off the server for all machines.

Make sure you do not have more than one user account logged on to any one computer with the program open at the same time.

If you have computers with different versions of Windows, make sure the network is set up with Workgroup. Consult Microsoft or Windows information about any necessary rights and permissions compatibility issues between versions, including server OS versions.