New York PYTPRIN Exclusion Code For Preparers

Per the New York Instructions for Form IT-201, on page 35:

Paid preparer's responsibilities - Under the law, all paid preparers must sign and complete the paid preparer section of the return. Paid preparers may be subject to civil and/or criminal sanctions if they fail to complete this section in full.

When completing this section, enter your New York tax preparer registration identification number (NYTPRIN) if you are required to have one. If you are not required to have a NYTPRIN, enter in the NYTPRIN excl. code box one of the specified 2-digit codes listed below that indicates why you are exempt from the registration requirement. You must enter a NYTPRIN or an exclusion code. Also, you must enter your federal preparer tax identification number (PTIN) if you have one; if not, you must enter your Social Security number.

The following exclusion codes can be used:

Code Exemption type Code Exemption type
01 Attorney 02 Employee of attorney
03 CPA 04 Employee of CPA
05 PA (Public Accountant) 06 Employee of PA
07 Enrolled agent 08 Employee of enrolled agent
09 Volunteer tax preparer 10 Employee of business preparing that business' return

To enter your NYTPRIN Exclusion Code in the TaxAct Professional program:

  1. Click Preparer > Edit My Preparer Information to access the Preparer master information tab directly; OR
    click Preparer in the top menu (while viewing the Client Manager - not from within an individual return), click Master Information, click Preparers, then click the Preparers tab.
  2. On the Preparers tab, click the pencil icon next to the appropriate preparer's name.
  3. Select an Exclusion Code from the NY Exclusion Code drop-down. This will be transferred to the appropriate place within the state program.

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