Desktop Versions - Installation File Will Not Run

If you downloaded the TaxAct program, but the installation won't start when you click the [filename].exe, the file could have become corrupt while downloading. Delete the file from your downloads folder. If you need help finding the downloads folder, go to our Finding Download to Install FAQ.

After you delete the download file, try these troubleshooting options:

  • Download the program file from the TaxAct website again. This time, the file might not become corrupt.
  • Access the TaxAct website from a different browser, and try downloading it again.
  • Change your browser settings so that you can choose where to save the file before downloading.
  • Check your internet connection, and make sure it is stable while you download the file to prevent corruption.
  • If your browser gives you the option to save every time you try to download something, try clicking Run instead of save.

If the troubleshooting options above don't fix the problem, the issue might be caused by your operating system or some anti-malware software:

  • Download the program file from the TaxAct website again, and when the download appears at the bottom of your screen, right-click it, then click Run as Administrator.
  • Download the program file again, find the file in your downloads folder, right-click the file, then click Properties. Make sure that the checkbox next to Read Only is unchecked, and that the checkbox next to Unblock is checked.
  • Check your Windows settings to make sure that you have permission to install files of your choice.

If you need help with any of these options, you will need to contact your support center for help, because TaxAct does not control your browser, operating system, software, or hardware settings.

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