Desktop Versions - Installation File Will Not Run

If you have downloaded the TaxAct installation file and it will not run, but no error messages are provided, there may be a few factors contributing to this behavior.

Incomplete Download File - The installation file may not be completely downloaded.

  • In your browser, press Ctrl + J on your keyboard to open your Downloads folder. Ensure that the file name has no additional text, such as "_part."
  • Try clicking Run when downloading rather than Save. You may need to change a browser setting so the browser does not automatically save.
  • Try downloading with a different browser.

Windows Security or Anti-Malware Software - Windows or anti-virus programs can block the installation from running.

  • Try right-clicking the installation program, then clicking Run as administrator.
  • Right-click the installation file, then click Properties. Look for a button to Unblock or Allow or similar.
  • Consult the documentation for Windows and/or your security software to allow TaxAct to install.

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