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What's new in Donation Assistant version 2.1?

This version includes several enhancements and new features that allow you to:
  • Save your donations to TaxACT's secure servers (requires internet access)
  • Get tax year 2014 audit-backed values for non-cash donations to help maximize your refund
  • Create your TaxACT Account to securely manage your donations, tax returns, and more from any device with the same username and password
  • Import your donations into your TaxACT 2014 Deluxe return, starting in January 2015
  • Start entering your 2015 donations
Step 1: Start by backing up your phone's data

It is a best practice to back up your phone's data before making any updates to your device's operating system, firmware or an app. In some instances, these types of changes can reset your device to factory settings and/or delete data saved locally to your phone.

After you've backed up your phone's data, download Donation Assistant Version 2.1.

Step 2: After downloading version 2.1, sign in to or create your TaxACT account.

If you've used TaxACT Online in tax year 2013 or 2014, sign in to the Donation Assistant app using your existing username and password (see Fig. 1). Doing so will join your Donation Assistant data and tax returns into a single TaxACT Account that you can access with the same username and password.

If you're new to TaxACT, create a TaxACT account (see Fig. 2 & 3). You'll use that same username and password for everything TaxACT.

You'll be able to access your Donation Assistant data in your TaxACT Account and import your donations in to your Deluxe return starting in early January 2015.

Step 3: Review donations, then add or edit.

After you successfully sign in to Donation Assistant, your data will be saved to TaxACT's secure servers. Once your data is saved, you'll see a summarized list of your 2014 donations (See Fig. 4). You can then add or edit your 2014 donations.

You can also start adding 2015 donations by changing the year (see Fig. 5 & 6).

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