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When you print organizers for your clients, prior year amounts will show only if the right conditions are met. The prior year return must include the right forms with amounts, and that information must have imported successfully. Be sure to check the return after import.

If you are seeing items but no amounts for them, this could be due to the existence of a form without amount information. For example, if you imported a 1099-DIV for 2018 into a 2019 return, and there was no income for the same item in 2019 but you did not delete the 1099-DIV from the 2019 return, you may get an item with no amount.

Please check also the option for "Print Applicable Organizers" and "Print Selected Organizers" to see that you are printing the organizer you want. In the area to select organizer, check the sub-categories, for example under Income Organizer.

If you cannot determine the specific condition for an amount, please provide us specific information about what information (what type of income or expense, lost, deduction, etc.) is not showing.

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