Adding a New Return

You can add more than one return to your TaxAct account.

  1. Sign in to your TaxAct Account online.
  2. Click Add a 2023 Return.
  3. Click Start for Free under your preferred product. If you aren't sure which product you need, click File Free under the Free product to start for free.

Another way to add a return is to click the My Tax Returns. tile on your account management page, click Add a 2023 Return, and then click File Free or Start for Free under the program you wish to use.

  1. In the top menu, click File > New Return.
  2. In the New TaxAct Return dialog box, click Create new 2023 Return.
  3. In the drop-down to the right, choose the type of return you wish to create (for example, 1040 Return).
  4. Click OK.