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When you set up TaxAct Enterprise Edition to be used over your local network, you will be prompted to choose two distinct places to store files, each with a different purpose:

  • Destination Location (defaults to C:\TaxAct\TaxAct 2019 Professional Edition). This is where the program itself should be installed on each user's computer. Accept the default location.
  • Client Data Location (defaults to C:\TaxAct\TaxAct 2019 Professional Edition\Client Data). This is where shared client return files are stored. Do not accept the default location; instead, click the Browse button to navigate to the shared network location.

Each time you install the program on a preparer's computer, you will need to designate the same network location for the Client Data folder. The TaxAct program will need rights and permissions to all locations where client data is stored.

If you have questions about how to set up a network, please consult Microsoft or Windows help or support.

Microsoft Windows Support:


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