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TaxAct Professional Enterprise Installation

You are only a few easy steps away from completing the installation of TaxAct. Here is a step-by-step walk-through of the installation process:

  1. After starting the installation, confirm that all other programs are closed and click Next.
  2. Read and then accept the License Agreement by placing a check mark in the indicated box. Then click Next.
  3. The next screen is the summary of the installation configuration. Confirm that the destination location is correct.
  4. Note. To avoid problems with Windows user account control, or rights and permissions and file relation across locations (such as other user accounts or drive designations), the default Destination Location for the TaxAct program should be used. Please be aware that if you choose a custom install location, you will be responsible for any Windows system or network settings that may entail, and it may affect our ability to provide support for the program itself.

    TaxAct will automatically put a shortcut icon on your Windows desktop. If you don't want that icon created, remove the check mark from the box.

    Click Next.

  5. The "Auto-check for updates" feature is selected by default. Remove the check mark from the box if you wish to disable this feature (not recommended).

  6. The last screen is simply the confirmation that the installation has been completed. Click Finish.
  7. You can then run the TaxAct program by double-clicking on the shortcut on your desktop or from within your Windows "Start" menu.
  8. When the TaxAct program starts it will prompt to Set Up Your Practice.

    Your options:

    On the Cloud will save your tax return files on TaxAct’s secure servers (Enterprise only feature). You would use TaxAct servers as your network location, to work on returns from any location as long as you have an Internet connection you can use.

    Locally on my computer will use your computer or, with the Enterprise program, a shared drive or local area network location. Enterprise users also have the online backup feature with the local option, to save backups of returns and preparer information to TaxAct servers.

  9. By default, TaxAct saves preparer information and client returns in a subfolder of the TaxAct program folder named "Client Data." If you are using the Enterprise Edition of the program and would like to change where this information is saved, you may choose a different location.

    To set up on a local area network with the Enterprise Edition, choose Locally on my computer and hit Continue. A pop-up window will appear, directing you to choose a folder for the Client Data Directory. To accept the default location indicated, simply click the OK button to complete the process.

    If you wish to change the location of your client data folder, then you will browse through the available folders and highlight the folder you wish to store your data to.

    You may choose a location:

      •  On a physically connected drive.
      •  In a shared network location.
      •  Or on a mapped drive.

    Note. If you want to share files on a local network, all computers must be connected to the same location, either a host computer or dedicated server. The TaxAct program on each computer must have the same location chosen, as in the above steps. (Whether using the network location name or a mapped drive letter on the computer, the destination must be the same.) And the return files and preparer information files must be in that shared location.

  10. Confirm the location for your "Client Data" folder and click Ok.

  11. The program will proceed to have you set up your practice and preparer information.  Once that process is complete you will be taken to the Client Manager.
If you need additional assistance with the installation of TaxAct Professional Edition, please contact us directly at (319) 731-2682. Contact options can also be found at our Service & Support Page.

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