PDF Attachment - Problem Attaching File

To help prevent malicious uploads, we have strict requirements for our PDF standards. If you receive an error when trying to upload your PDF, it most likely does not meet the standard, or the file is too large, there is a size limitation of 3 MB total for attachments in the TaxAct Online program (2 MB for the Desktop program).

There are different types of PDFs, including image only and with text. An image only PDF is much larger than a PDF with text.

If you scan a document to make a PDF or create a PDF on the computer, use any settings available to change the setting to make the file smaller and make a PDF with text. If you can, choose the print to PDF option to make the PDF smaller, and reduce the number of pages as much as possible.

You can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to edit files and convert files to PDFs that match our standards. You can also use the settings in Adobe Acrobat Reader to change the settings to make the file smaller. If you need help, go to our Attaching Documents to a Return FAQ or the Adobe Acrobat Reader Learn & Support webpage.

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