E-Filing - Attachment of PDF for Credit for Taxes Paid to Other State or Jurisdiction

TaxAct® supports the ability to attach certain documentation when electronically filing a state return and claiming a credit for taxes paid to another state or jurisdiction (which is usually a copy of the other state(s) return).  If this is supported by the state you are filing, you will be prompted to attach the documentation during the e-filing steps.

Note. The attachment(s) MUST be saved as a PDF before attaching them to your return and the Attachment Manager will not accept any other file types; you must upload a PDF.

To first create the PDF document:

  1. Either complete the steps to print your return (selecting to ONLY print the state return you need to save as a PDF)  OR  view a PDF of your state return
  2. If printing, instead of sending the output to a printer, select to send it to PDF (Portable Document Format)  OR  if viewing a PDF of the return, save to your computer
  3. With either method, make sure to note where you chose to save the file so you can locate it again when prompted in the filing steps

If you do not have a PDF writer already installed on your computer, the CutePDF Writer is a free program and is available at: http://www.cutepdf.com/Products/CutePDF/writer.asp

When in the print center, the PDF writer will appear to your computer as a printer, but instead of printing on a sheet of paper, it will create a PDF file image of your return. Once the PDF file is created, when viewing it you can select Save, and then select where you wish to save the file.

To access the Attachment Manager within your TaxAct return:

  1. Click Filing. On smaller devices, click the menu icon in the upper left corner, then click Filing
  2. Select E-File My Return
  3. Select the return(s) you would like to submit, then click Continue
  4. Continue through the screens until you reach the screen titled E-Filing - Attachments to Return; click Attach Documents
  5. In the window that appears, click Add next to the attachment(s) you want to include with your return
  6. Make the appropriate selections on the next screen, then click Browse
  7. Locate the PDF within your computer files, then click Open which should bring you back to the Attachment Manager
  8. Click Finish, repeat as necessary to upload other PDFs and then click Close at the bottom of your screen (If you need to delete a document you've already attached, there will be an option within the Attachment Manager to do so.)
  9. Continue through the rest of the e-filing steps to submit your return.

Note. The Attachment Manager is not available in the TaxAct tablet application. If you need to attach supporting documentation to your return, please complete the Filing steps from within your TaxAct Online account.

Note. To help prevent malicious uploads, we have strict requirements for our PDF standard. If you receive an error when trying to upload your PDF, it most likely does not meet the standard. Using a PDF writer should ensure the file does meet the PDF standard.