Professional Editions - Using the Master Information Preparers Tab

Individual preparer information can be added and/or modified through the Preparer Master Information dialog box:

  1. Click Preparer > Edit My Preparer Information to access the Preparer master information tab directly.
    • Click Preparer in the top menu (while viewing the Client Manager - not from within an individual return)
    • Click Master Information and then click Preparers
    • Click the Preparers tab
    • Click Add New Preparer to add a new preparer
    • Click the pencil icon (after selecting a specific preparer listed) to modify a preparer
    • Click the Inactive button to remove a preparer
  2. Click Add New Preparer or the pencil icon to bring up the Preparer Information dialog box where there are two tabs available:
    • Preparer Info
      • Name
      • Social Security Number (SSN)
      • Preparer's Tax Identification Number (PTIN)
      • Preparer NY Exclusion Code (NY 1040 and 1065 returns only)(Exclusion from NY ID Number)
      • Preparer State ID Number (LA, NM, NY or OR returns only)
      • CAF Number (Power of Attorney)
      • MN Preparer Type
      • IRS may discuss client returns with this preparer checkbox (for Third Party Designee indication)
      • A Checkbox to use Practice Information
      • A field to enter Practice Name (if self-employed)
      • Preparer's Employer Identification Number (EIN)
      • Address
      • Checkbox to indicate Foreign Address of preparer
      • Work Phone
      • Mobile Phone
      • Provider
      • Email Address
      • Fax
    • Electronic Filing Info
      • Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN)
      • PIN Type (Self-Select or Practitioner)
      • Practitioner PIN for Electronic Signature
      • Bank Product Selection ("None" is default)
      • Republic Bank Identification Number (RBIN)
      • Credit Card Information
        • Billing Address