Pennsylvania - Form RCT-101 Detailed Information

Below is information regarding the completion of Pennsylvania Form RCT-101 PA Corporate Tax Report, when you report a Single-Member Limited Liability Company (SMLLC) on your Pennsylvania personal income tax return (instead of Form 1120 for Corporations, Form 1120S for S Corporations or Form 1065 for Partnerships). 

UPDATE for tax years beginning after January 1, 2016:
The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue has repealed the tax that requires single member LLCs to file the RCT-101 (The Capital Stock and Foreign Franchise Taxes).  As that tax no longer applies as of 1/1/16, the 2015 return will be the final report.  Due to this the box "Final Report" is automatically checked on page 5 of the report in the 2015 TaxAct 1040 software.  This box is being marked per instructions from the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.

Additional Information on the Elimination of the Tax:

Capital Stock and Foreign Franchise Taxes

FAQs regarding final reports for RCT-101 or RCT-101-I

When you indicate you are completing the RCT-101, you must select the Federal Schedule C, E, or F that is triggering this filing. Based on this selection, the TaxAct program will automatically attach the corresponding federal schedule as a PDF attachment when the RCT-101 is submitted electronically. Schedules L, M-1, and M-2 must be filled out (see additional information below) and saved as PDF files on your computer in order to attach each of those schedules during the e-filing steps. Note: There must be three separate PDFs attached.

Based on your specific RCT-101 situation, you may also be required to attach Schedule X. Additionally, RCT-102, RCT-105, RCT-106 and Schedule A-3 are allowable attachments, meaning they are not required, but you will have the option to include these when e-filing.

If you mail a paper return, you would need to print and include the required forms and schedules with your return.

Related Links and Additional Information:

2015CT-1 PA Corporation Tax Booklet, page 9 is where the start is of the specific line-by-line instructions for completing Pennsylvania Form RCT-101. 

A Single-Member Limited Liability Company (SMLLC) that files their business return for Federal purposes on their personal income tax return must file Pennsylvania RCT-101 and include the following items (as outlined on page 1 of the booklet instructions):

  • PA Schedule L - Balance Sheets for the Beginning and End of the Tax Period
  • PA Schedule M-1, Reconciliation of Income (Loss) per Books to Income (Loss) per Return
  • PA Schedule M-2, Reconciliation of Member's Capital Account
  • Federal Schedule C, E or F of federal Form 1040
  • Schedule X
  • RCT-106 to support apportionment factors, if applicable
  • RCT-102 or RCT-105 to support the manufacturing exemption, if applicable
  • Schedule A-3 - Adjustments to Net Income per Books, if applicable
  • Other supporting statements if necessary, with references to supporting statements on the applicable form

Schedules L, M-1 and M-2 and Schedule X can be completed on the Pennsylvania website. These are fillable forms which you then can print to send with your Pennsylvania return.  

Note, the instructions for Schedules L, M-1 and M-2 and Schedule X are on pages 16 - 17 of the PA Corporation Tax Booklet mentioned above.