Unable to Enter or Type in Website Fields?

If you are having problems typing in data entry fields (example: you type your name on a TaxAct form, but no text appears in the field; typing in your username and password to sign in, but the page says you've entered an invalid username or password):

  • Make sure you typed correctly in the data entry field.
  • Do not use auto-fill (check browser settings).
  • Do not use auto-correct (check browser settings).
  • Make sure there is no third-party software interfering with browser data entry (check third-party software settings).
  • Make sure there are no other browser, operating system, software, or hardware settings interfering.

If you need help changing these settings, you will need to contact the support center for those settings, because TaxAct has no control over things like your browser, operating system, software, or hardware settings.