Form 8606 - Lines 6-12 Not Populating

If you have both a distribution from an IRA and contributions to an IRA in the current year, which may not be deductible because of your income level, you will need to use Worksheet 1-1 from IRS Publication 590-B, on page 15 when completing Form 8606 Nondeductible IRAs. This worksheet parallels and replaces the calculations on Lines 6 through 12. The TaxAct program will automatically populate this worksheet if it is needed and you will see asterisks next to Lines 13 and 15 indicating that the Pub. 590-B worksheet is being used.

To view this worksheet in the TaxAct program:

You need to view the worksheet as a print PDF; if you need help, go to our Printing Your Return and Individual Forms FAQ.

Click Federal Form 1040 /1040-NR IRA Distribution - Taxable Distributions when choosing what to print.

You need to view the worksheet in Forms View; if you need help, go to our Entering in Program - Fillable Forms FAQ.

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