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To access or print the application summary:

  1. Go to the IRS Tax Professionals website, then click Access E-Services.
  2. Under the "e-Services Applications" heading, click E-file Provider Services.
  3. Under the "E-file Application" heading, click Access e-file Application.
  4. Enter the Username, click LOG IN >, and continue through the secure access screens.
  5. Enter the Password, then click Submit.
  6. Enter the Verification Code, then click Submit.
  7. Review the login history, then click Continue.
  8. On the Select Organization page, select your firm's name which should be listed under "Individual," then click the eyeball icon under the View/Edit column.
  9. At the top of the Application Summary screen, click Print and print to a PDF.

For instructions on how to submit your EFIN for verification, please see the EFIN Verification Process FAQ.

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