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Between tax years 2013 and 2017, itemized deductions were reduced for some taxpayers depending on AGI and/or filing status.

For 2018, these overall limits no longer apply according to the IRS Instructions for Schedule A (Form 1040), but new limitations have been added:

Overall limitation on itemized deductions no longer applies. There is no longer an overall limitation on itemized deductions based on your adjusted gross income; however, there may be other limitations that impact the amount of itemized deductions you can claim onSchedule A.Limitation on the deduction for state and local taxes. You cannot deduct more than $10,000 ($5,000 if married filing separate) of your total state and local taxes, including income taxes (or general sales taxes, if elected instead of income taxes), real estate taxes, and personal property taxes. See Line 5 for more information.

New limitations for 2018 apply to:

  • Home mortgage interest deduction
  • Casualty and theft losses
  • Some charitable contributions

Other deductions have been eliminated completely:

  • Foreign taxes paid for real estate
  • Home equity loan interest not used to buy, build, or improve your home
  • Most miscellaneous itemized deductions
  • Mortgage insurance premiums

For more information, see IRS Schedule A (Form 1040) instructions.

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