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For years prior to 2015, you would have to have created a specific online backup account with its own username and password associated with an e-mail address, and you would then have to have performed a backup at some time. You can use the Restore command on the File menu, the Online option, then the "Forgot your Username?" button to find an online backup account associated with a particular e-mail address. You would have to remember the e-mail address you used to create the account./p>

To check if you did a backup once you find an account, use the restore function and continue with the instructions. You will receive a list of return files if there were any backed up.

For 2015 and after, simply use the Restore command on the File menu and then use your regular TaxAct account sign-in.

Please note that online backup is not an automatic process. You must perform the operation with the commands in your program each time you wish to back up or restore returns on line. For years prior to 2015, you must have completed online backup account registration for each year you wish to back up.

To perform the backup

  1. Select the File Menu, then Backup, then Client Return(s).
  2. Select the Online option and click Next.
  3. Sign in with your TaxAct username and password. If you have forgotten either, you may click forgot username or forgot password links.
  4. Select the returns you wish to back up by checking the box next to the returns. You can also use the Select All button to select all returns.
  5. If you wish to back up your preparer master information, check the box below your list of client returns labeled Backup Preparer Master Information.
  6. Click the Finish button to complete the process.

Note. The Online Backup feature is not available when using the Enterprise online option ("cloud"), as your returns are saved directly to TaxAct secure servers.

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